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David Allan, SHA, FSA Scot

Heraldic Artist & Calligrapher

Scottish Clans

Over the years I have worked with several clan societies, both in an official capacity with the Court of the Lord Lyon and privately. I have a comprehensive range of over 300 Clan Crest Badges and will be happy to work with individuals or clan societies to produce artwork including heraldry for armigerous clan members, clan certificates, flag and bonnet badge design.

The Court of the Lord Lyon is part of the judicial system of Scotland. It has jurisdiction over all Heraldic and Genealogical matters and is presided over by a judge - The Lord Lyon King of Arms. Together with his other duties Lord Lyon is authorised by His Majesty the King to grant Arms in Scotland. Clans are legal entities in Scots Law. They are represented by the Clan Chief. Both the Chief and the Clan come under the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon. The Office of Lord Lyon is one of the oldest heraldic appointments in the world and its origins can be traced back to the High Sennachie of the Celts.

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